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Kyoto Doll

What is Kyoto Doll

Kyoto Doll (Kyo-doll) is a general term of the dolls which is manufacturing in Kyoto, is Traditional Crafts designated by the Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry

Kyoto doll kabuto


The origin of the doll can be traced back to the clay image around 14000-300 B.C. That was used as an object of magic and faith. During Heian period, the doll was scapegoat for the disaster or pays the plague called “Katashito” and it has magic meaning. There are some traditional event transfers disgraces to the doll, pay misfortune by flowiong into the river “Nagashi-bina”
The doll’s nature magical meaning fades. Heian period, court salon culture has flourished, and it’s became popular as a play of noble princess.
The craftsmen of Kyoto made those dolls in the home territory of aristocratic culture, and their technique was polished. Their art become incomparable with any other location’s craftsmen as natural reasons. Enters the Edo period (1603-1868), the center of national politics was moved, these cultural things went developed mainly in Kyoto as ever. Traditional sophisticated crafts of long history supported the high quality of the Kyoto doll.

Traditional Kyoto doll ichimatsu

Production process

Kyoto doll is produced through the manufacturing process which is highly fragmented. Each production process is specialized. The doll of a certain quality has been made by handwork of skilled craftsmen of the art. The production system, is highly specialized, bring the unique quality and depth of Kyoto doll. It is shaped by severe production attitude and uncompromising lemma of craftsmanship. The doll’s quaint elegance and timeless quality, even over the years, is loved be many to obtain the Kyoto doll.

Type of Kyoto Doll

  1. Isho doll
  2. Sekku doll (Hina doll, Gogatsu doll)
  3. Ichimatsu doll
  4. Popular doll
  5. Wood carving doll
  6. Saga doll
  7. Gosho doll
  8. Kamo doll

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