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Hyogu (Scroll Folding Screen)

What is Hyogu (Scroll Folding Screen)

Hyogu means something surface goods in Japanese symbol. And it point such as scroll, hanging scroll, folding screen, removable separator, slide door, picture frame, etc.

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These craftsmen call as “Hyogu-shi”. Their main job is to make and repair the Hyogu. The basic materials are Japanese paper (Japanese paper made from fibers taken from the bark of a clove-like bush) and cloth for their complicated art. Their job’s development is strongly related with art and religion of Kyoto and Japan.


Hyogu history is long, as long as Buddhism. Hanging scrolls started as portable drew Buddha picture on to pray.
Today’s Hyogu includes two branches; something practical such as slide door, artistic work such as scrolls, etc. Hyogu itself is not able to be independent, always with something. I.e. a drawing on a scroll, the drawing is the main. The Scroll itself is under the idea of appreciate the drawing and protect the art. So Hyogu should not be too much conspicuous but it should have enough class not to absence.
Kyoto continued to be the capital for 1200 years. The history is same as the history of Japanese art and culture. And the history of the masterpieces works of art. Hyogu could say the traditional crafts of extreme Japanese sense of beauty which tells us the ancient Kyoto and its history even now. Occidental picture work perfectly with a proper frame, Japanese picture must to decollate with Hyogu. Since the ancient masters, craftsmen and artist always looked for the best Hyogu-shi for their art. As you know, the frame is one of the parts of the art. Kyoto’s Hyogu-shi required highly sophisticated sense to maximize the others work.

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