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Kyoto, Japan’s ancient capital for more than a thousand years, offers you the essence of traditional Japanese culture. This website will provide you with information and resources to help you experience the city’s cultural richness.

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About Kyoto
History, customs, geography, culture of Kyoto :)

Kyoto Prefecture is located in the central part of the Honshu Island, which is the largest island in Japan.
It is enclosed in three directions by mountains (North, East, and West). It has an inland climate, hot in summer, cold in winter and little rain, typical of a basin. The population was 2,361,205 in May 2014 (Kyoto city has 1,470,000 people).
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Kyoto City was developed entirely through urban planning since a long time ago. Therefore, its structure is made up of blocks, nearly perfect squares on which it now stands as a modern industrial city. Addresses are longer and difficult to read compared with other prefectures. There are songs created a long time ago just to learn the street names.
Formerly, Kyoto (was also called “Miyako” or “Kyo“) was the imperial capital of Japan for over one thousand years from 794 to 1869. When the capital was moved, documents were not filed according to the established procedure. For this reason, some people still say Kyoto is the capital, not Tokyo. Kyoto’s culture is an image of the typical Japanese traditional culture. There are still many important cultural properties and historical places not affected by the Second World War.
Recently, due to the modernization of the city, some sights and street views are disappearing, but temples and shrines are well taken care of for the future generation. In 1994, 17 buildings were registered as UNESCO World Heritage.

Please enjoy Kyoto, the symbol of Japan.
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